Friday, April 22, 2011

Many Apologies

How excited are you for tonight's Doctor Who premiere? I've decided that I will try writing down my thoughts as I watch it. Some friends of mine on live journal have enjoyed it when I did that. Of course, that was for Glee, so this might be a slightly different experience. But I'll give it a try.

So, that whole posting once a week thing kinda flopped, sorry. I'm still reading, just been busy. I'm a good bit into my reading list, but I am behind. Plus, I've acquired more books since making that list, because I have no impulse control. It's a good thing I never drank liquor in high school, because I would totally be an alcoholic by now. It turns out writing a humorous book review is harder than I expected, so bare with me. In order to make up for my appalling absence I will post a piece every day for at least a week. Yep, you have at least seven more of these insane ramblings coming though Saturday. Get excited.

Edit: Karen Gillian (who plays Amy Pond on Doctor Who) was the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. In case you were wondering, she was Adorable.

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