Thursday, September 2, 2010

Political Houses

I just realized that all the political parties can be sorted into Hogwarts houses. Republicans are total Slytherins. They hate change and want everyone else to be just like them. Democrats are Hufflepuff, because they're nice but they just sit around doing jack squat. Libertarians are Ravenclaw, spending all their time educating themselves and pretty much ignoring the world. While the environmentalist/Green Peace loud mouths are Gryffindor. Running around and yelling, "We have to save the world! Everything is in danger! Can't you see!? Can't You see!?"

All images created by Wicked_Visions.


  1. YOU ARE BRILLIANT. And that's all SO spot on. HAHAHA.

    P.S.: The Hufflepuff icon you chose is SO PERFICK. X^D

  2. WOOT, Hufflepuff Democrats FTW :D